Old Grisons motifs reinterpreted

alpinelodging even has its own textile concept! Textile designers Martina Z√ľnd Gygax and Sibylle Meili have done research in the Rhaetian Museum and have come across many variations of representations of the Tree of Life - with magnificent flowers, exotic fruits and birds. They took up the theme and thus defined the basis for our textile concept, to be seen for the first time in the ALPINE LODGE Chesa a la Punt. The covers for the cotton cushions show playful and stylized tree of life motifs, twigs, tendrils, flowers, flower baskets and birds, but also typical Engadine striped motifs. The old embroideries are reminiscent of red pen drawings on white paper, and the berry color recalls the fruit of the tree of life, an extremely popular motif among Grisons embroiderers in the 18th and 19th centuries.