Pure Wool From the Grison Alps

The ALPINE LODGES convey warmth and comfort. Guests should really feel like home. Therefore, duvets, pillows from ATELIER POSS are made of pure wool.

The small factory from the village of Savognin stands firm in their commitment to  two main principles when working with this valuable resource:  the purity of the material and the quality of processing.  The sheep are carefully tended to and production in the region is still completed meticulously by hand.  In this way Duvets are still individually hand woven. What is not so well known is that pure new wool is a natural material with many advantages, especially in the realm of sleep.

Sheep’s wool is not only warm and soft to the touch but is also healthy because it provides an optimum balance of oils and moisture. The term Pôss by the way means in the rhaeto-romanic language of the region "quiet" or "calm", but also carries a connotation of balance, inner peace, and thoughtful action.  You will also experience this feeling in the ALPINE LODGES of Plattner & Plattner.