Engadine St. Moritz

Pontresina is located in the Engadine St. Moritz. You only have to reach out your hand; happiness is right at your fingertips.

Beneath the deep blue sky, the lake plateau is glistening in the afternoon light during summer. The air smells of pinewood. And just like the passersby in front of the exquisite St. Moritz shop windows in the pedestrian zone, time never seems to be in any sort of hurry in this iconic town where the sun lights up the Upper Engadine like one big stage.

On the lakes, boats set their sails into the Maloja wind that starts to pick up around noon, as punctual as a Swiss watch. Atop the Diavolezza, Muottas Muragl, Corviglia and Corvatsch, hikers make their way up a variety of scenic routes towards the summits at around 3000 meters. 
Meanwhile, cyclists head off on their own paths; the trails here are among the most breathtaking in the world and provide tours of various levels of difficulty, from pleasant to invigorating, around and up to the highest peaks of the Eastern Alps.

© Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG & Fabian Gattlen

During the winter, trends are born and celebrated in Engadine St. Moritz. It has always been this way: St. Moritz was home to the first electrical lights in Switzerland; winter holidays were invented here; and standards are still set here today. Despite its high-profile infrastructure featuring some of the world’s most renowned hotels, legendary events and exclusive services, Engadine St. Moritz retains its traditions and originality throughout and is truly blessed by scenes of nature that look like an artist’s landscape painting. 

And as if that was not enough, the exceptionally abundant sunshine provides the perfect setting for the picturesque yet stylish Alpine lifestyle of the region.

© Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG & Fabian Gattlen

Engadin St. Moritz in 3D experience

App with an interactive 3D map of St Moritz and surroundings for skiers. The app contains all information about slopes, lifts and hotels, weather, webcams and events in the region. With the tracking function every user can record their skiing days and interactively relive each one of them.


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