Couples in everyday business life are a widespread form of business management, especially for SMEs. This gives rise to many interesting questions that have hardly been properly addressed to date. The book by Mrs. Fravi and Mrs. Plattner-Gerber closes this gap.

There are various relationship guides for couples and many management guides for executives. But not yet a book that deals with the overlap of these two areas.  Psychologist Lianne Fravi and entrepreneur Bettina Plattner-Gerber want to close this gap with their manual “When couples run businesses”.

Both have lived and worked with their spouses for over 25 years. So they know the pitfalls that can lurk when running a business as a couple. And they know how to overcome the hurdles. Because these couples fulfil different roles for each other: sometimes they are friend and spouse, colleague and also supervisor, coach and sorrow-box. And this works when both of them constantly pursue the common vision and are in solidarity.

Fravi and Plattner-Gerber explain the different characteristics of the "couple" system and the "company" system. They examine communication and relationship management in the partnership as well as communication within the company - the basis for living and working together.

The book written in German only, can be ordered online at or purchased directly at the plattner & plattner Art Gallery, the Schocher stationery store in Pontresina and the Schuler Wega bookstore in St. Moritz.